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Re: MPG calculation flawed

After I enter the information for a new fill-up and submit, a fill-up detail page is shown. It tells me that my mileage was calculated as 250/20.222 . The 20.222 is the number of gallons on this fill-up. Shouldn't  the 250 miles be calculated from the previous fill-up which was 20.010 gal. There is not much difference in the calculations but it seems to me the mileage I put on since the last fill-up is being calculated with the number of gallons i put in on the new fill-up.


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Re: Re: MPG calculation flawed

Dear usnpff,

Thank you for your question.

Actually 250 miles should be divided by the number of gallons you put in at this fill-up, not last fill-up.

Basically here is how it works - on last fill-up you filled you tank to full and reset your trim odometer. This is time zero. Then you drive 250 miles and car uses gas that is in the tank. Now you fill-up the tank with 20.222 gallons - that's exactly the number of gallons car used to get 250 miles on. So every fill-up is a reset for both trip odometer and tank.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks and have a great day!


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