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#1 2008-08-27 16:25:05

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Invite a Friend feature added

Like our site? Your friends may like it too, why not invite them to join?

As a good friend you always watch out for your friends, right?
Of course nothing beats reaching deep into your wallet and handing away a nice crispy $20, right? smile
Well, maybe that does not work for everybody.

But you can still help your friends to save some gas money by watching their MPG closely. Invite them to join MpgTune and track their gas mileage online.
We made it easy for you to invite your friends. Just login into your account and then click "Invite a Friend" link at the top right-hand corner of our site, type in your friend's name and email, and an optional short message if you'd like.

Once your friend receives your invitation and joins MpgTune he/she will be automatically added to your friends list on your account page. This way you can easily see what kind of MPG they get and maybe share some gas-saving tips with them.



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