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#1 2011-06-25 14:11:31

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mpgtune not working on one computer

starting about 2 weeks ago i have had problems with mpgtune on one computer. site works fine on others. it is my main desktop that is having the problem. i have no problems accessing any other site from that computer. it is slow connecting,usually taking several refeshes, shows up as text only and is difficult to logon. i have tried dropping all security..firewall,hosts file, stopping security software, setting mpgtune as trusted site. it is the same in ie8 and firefox.
any ideas or suggestions?

think i got it fixed...seems i had too many concurrent connections for your server. that must have been some kind of security update on your end.

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#2 2011-06-28 14:34:33

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Re: mpgtune not working on one computer

Dear spt007,

I apologize for the problems you have experienced, and glad to hear that you were able to resolve them.

Have a great week and drive safely!


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