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support team
2009-05-13 16:38:20

Dear edkb_pilot,

We have fixed the issue you reported, average mileage and vehicle miles are now displayed correctly for European setup.

Thanks again for reporting the issue and have a great day!

support team
2009-04-30 15:43:25

Dear edkb_pilot,

Thank you very much for reporting the issue, we will investigate and fix it shortly.

Thanks again and have a great day!

2009-04-30 13:15:24

Guys, I use the european setup and while the
last mileage (in ltr/100km) is always fine the
average value is way off and the total miles driven
is wrong

8279km != 13012mls

(maybe you inverted the formula? 8279 * 1.609 = 13320
but should be 8279 / 1.609 = 5145mls)

2007 _Other Scooter
13,012 Miles
Modify Vehicle

last mileage   

average mileage

Other than that your site rocks!

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