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support team
2009-08-06 17:19:06

Hi all,

Unfortunately the component we use to display MPGs does not support drawing of vertical lines on the chart, so we are researching other options and will post back.

Sorry about this delay.

Have a nice day everybody.

2009-06-30 02:01:31

I think this would be a good idea too, but there should be an option to turn it on and off (checking your wipers is classified as maintenance, but obviously does not effect mpg). Also, maybe there could be an easy way to see the average mpg before and after said maintenance, opposed to only seeing the line and having to average the mpg yourself from fill ups before and after it.

I love this site. Keep up the great work.

support team
2009-06-25 20:28:13

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
It definitely makes sense to be able to see effects of maintenance on the MPG values. We will research the possibility of adding maintenance information on the fill-ups graph and post back.

Thanks and have a great day!

2009-06-25 14:59:43

It might be cool to see how maintenance effects MPG.

An easy way to see this could be by putting a vertical line on the Last 15 Fill Ups graph on the date the maintenance was done.

Then, we could see that the fill ups leading up to the line from the left were before and the full ups going from to line on the left were after the maintenance.

Just a thought.

Awesome Site! Keep up the good work!


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